Who is the Grassdale Purchaser?

As stated on the Settlement Statement and other legal documents the Grassdale purchaser is Sun Fort DuPont RV LLC, an anonymous Michigan limited liability company.

The original “unsolicited offer” apparently came from Todd Burbage representing the Blue Water Development Corporation. Mr. Burbage presents himself as a spokesman for the purchaser. However, the Blue Water Development Corporation has never been a party to any of the many agreements related to Grassdale.

The Fort Corporation staff and board probably assume that Mr. Burbage owns Sun Fort DuPont RV LLC. However, in contract documents, Mr. Burbage signs as “Manager” not “Owner”. Given the Fort Corporation’s lack of due diligence, it’s uncertain whether this anonymous LLC has any assets which could be owned.

From the original Real Estate Purchase Agreement executed in December 2019, through the Indemnification Agreement and two contract amendments leading to the Special Warrantee Deed signed last October, a total of four anonymous LLCs were party to these agreements as listed below:

Rig Acquisitions, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company

Sun Assignment, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company

Blue DuPont DE, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company

Sun Fort DuPont RV LLC, a Michigan limited liability company

Todd Burbage was a party to only the Indemnification Agreement. He was not a party to any of the documents more directly related to the Real Estate Purchase Agreement nor was his “real” company Blue Water Development. Instead, Mr. Burbage ducked behind a network of four anonymous LLCs. Apparently, his liability for any Fort DuPont commitments was limited, limited, limited, and limited four times over. Mr. Burbage also has a criminal record.