New Castle

New Castle Matters: Civic Action for Honest Government

New Castle–the first capital of the First State! It’s a great town to live in and to walk in. The Battery Park on the river, historic houses, The Green, museums and gardens, restaurants, churches, stores. But nothing is so good that it can’t be made better. This website provides information about what’s going on in New Castle and in City government, what needs to be improved, and what the residents can do to help our pretty little town live up to its potential.

This page provides both an introduction and a Table of Contents for the New Castle Matters dossier which will include articles, filed complaints, PDFs and links documenting public corruption in New Castle. New Castle Matters is a local Chapter of

Ethical Challenges for the City of New Castle

This article provides an overview of ethical issues in New Castle.

What Are the Trustees of the New Castle Common? A Reveal

This article explores the workings of the Trustees of New Castle Common highlighting issues of transparency and elections.

Who Owns the Common

A recent Letter to the Editor by a Trustee states that New Castle residents do not own the Common. A response from a former Trustee documents that the citizens own the Common.

Electing New Castle Trustees

The Trustee’s “do it yourself” election system should be abolished. The Trustees should use the City voter roll and state-provided election machines which count votes, automatically providing both a secret ballot and a secure vote count.

Of Great Concern to New Castle Residents 

This article focuses on Ordinance 536, which will permit Parkway Gravel to build 400-plus units of multifamily housing on 149 acres and 14 acres of commercial use on Lukens Drive near the river in New Castle.