Discrepancies in Rental Payments

A limited audit of residential leases dated June 30, 2022 found that Jeffrey Randol left FDRPC owing $11,944 in back rent. On June 27, 2019, he received a $4,000 credit to his outstanding balance with no supporting documentation for the transaction. The audit revealed additional irregularities in accounting for FDRPC rent and utility payments.

Some FDRPC employees, including Executive Director Jeffrey Randol and Site Manager Peggy Thomas, paid below market rate rent for their residences but the agreement for lower rent was not identified in their employment contracts nor their leases.  Jeff Randol may have calculated the rate he and Peggy Thomas paid.

Jeff Randol selected 1303 Officers Row as his personal residence. Based on a FOIA response, FDRPC has spent $683,000 renovating and landscaping this house which is one of the largest and most valuable homes in Delaware City. An elevator and a third-floor in-law suite were part of the lavish renovation.

However, the large Koi Pond was not included in this list of expenses, casting doubt on the completeness of the FOIA accounting. A Koi Pond of this size could easily cost $100,000. During the initial years of Jeff Randol’s tenure, the renovation of his home took precedence for the FDRPC staff distorting priorities for the overall complex.

1303 Officers Row is one of the largest and most valuable homes in Delaware City
The cost of the large Koi pond was not included in the FOIA response

On December 1, 2017, the Randols signed a lease for $2,000 monthly. Below is a chart comparing Jeff Randol’s rental cost with five duplexes which FDRPC manages as rentals. The Randol’s pay only $50 a month more than 1308 A&B Officers Row. Their cost per square foot is approximately half the cost for these duplexes. Of course, the Randol home is single family vs. duplex and includes the elevator, in-law suite and Koi Pond.