Our Mission

FightDECorruption.com is a non-partisan organization of Delaware citizens who agree on the need to build honesty and trust in government.  Our mission is to research and publicize conflicts of interest and self-dealing by Delaware officials.

Our current focus is the Route 9 Corridor of Corruption connecting New Castle with Delaware City. We’ve established a local chapter in New Castle and are working with people in Delaware City advocating to reverse the illegal sale of the 128-acre Grassdale parcel of Fort Dupont State Park.

Despite frequent media reports of public corruption, no official action is taken.  Much Delaware corruption is hiding in plain sight and is broadly tolerated by the political and media establishments.  In depth research and advocacy journalism are needed to educate the public.

Fighting corruption is the third rail of legislative advocacy.  Across the nation ethics oversight is often achieved through ballot initiatives and referendums because state legislatures resist reform.  We don’t have that option in Delaware, and a citizen organization is needed to advocate for reform in the press and in the court of public opinion.

FightDECorruption.com compiles comprehensive online “profiles” documenting public corruption with articles, links, data, and documents.  Our “profiles” will be distributed and amplified by blog posts, mainstream media, Op Eds, Letters to the Editor, email blasts and petitions along with digital advertising.

Many of our communications will “Call for an Inquiry” by legislative ethics committees, DOJ Division of Civil Rights & Public Trust, and the Public Integrity Commission (PIC). These “Calls for an Inquiry” will be asking for an official investigation to gather facts and determine whether public office was abused. We will be asking these authorities to do their jobs.

These anti-corruption campaigns will hopefully generate support for an Inspector General bill to be passed by the Delaware General Assembly.

A Google Non-Profit

FightDECorruption.com is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We’ve also become a Google Non-Profit which provides us with free advertising on Google, YouTube and associated networks.  Our Board Members are listed alphabetically below:

FightDECorruption.com Board Members

Robert Broesler  Grief Therapist
Dorsey FiskeNew Castle Chapter
John FlahertyDelCOG
Phil GrossNew Castle Chapter
Jack GuerinPublisher

Click here for the Publisher’s Bio. Below is a list of people who have signed on as Delaware Citizens Against Corruption.

Delaware Citizens Against Corruption

Jack Guerin19808
Annie Paul19702
Chitra Vaidy19711
Chuck Selvaggio19890
Don Peterson19971
Ed Gill19958
Gary Steelman19803
James Hall19963
Janaki Ram Ray19711
Janice A Buckwalter19711
John D. Flaherty19802
Jordyn Pusey19805
Karl Stomberg19802
Kathie Stamm19707
Kristin Bricker19808
Kristin Froehlich19803
Lee O’Brien19711
Lyle Dykstra19202
Marni Grossman19806
Norma Antongiorgi19808
Prakash Vaidy19711
R.E. Vanella19806
Reginald Bernard Daniel II19962
Thomas C. Davis, III19801
Yolanda Chetwynd19711
Elizabeth Read19810
Bill Martin19802
Daniel Madrid19810
Mark Dudderar19711
Gertrude Cuttino-White19709
Daniel Ciabattoni Jr.19958
Anne Dorsey Fiske19720
Robert Broesler19711
Richard Ruben19977
Rene Febles20147
Erica Lindsey19706
Joseph Tharp19706
Valerie White19706
Chris McKinley19706
Gere Durkin19701
Francis Warnock19713
Katie Woodall19706