New Castle

New Castle Matters: Civic Action for Honest Government

New Castle–the first capital of the First State! It’s a great town to live in and to walk in. The Battery Park on the river, historic houses, The Green, museums and gardens, restaurants, churches, stores. But nothing is so good that it can’t be made better. This website provides information about what’s going on in New Castle and in City government, what needs to be improved, and what the residents can do to help our pretty little town live up to its potential.

This page provides both an introduction and a Table of Contents for the New Castle Matters dossier which will include articles, filed complaints, PDFs and links documenting public corruption in New Castle. New Castle Matters is a local Chapter of

The first article below provides an overview.

Ethical Challenges for the City of New Castle

Below are complaints filed against two of the Trustees of the New Castle Common. These complaints have been filed with both the Public Integrity Commission and DOJ’s Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust.

Complaint Against Brenda W. Antonio

Complaint Against Christopher J. Castagno