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Delaware Needs an Inspector General Delaware Call October 19, 2021

It’s imperative that we safeguard Delaware’s vulnerable coastline News Journal October 1, 2021

Corruption-can-be-and-is-found-in-many-places Bay to Bay News, August 28, 2021

Should Delaware expect police accountability? Yes. Will it? We’ll see News Journal, July 11th, 2021

House leaders should recuse themselves regarding police accountability Bay to Bay News, May 7, 2021 & Cape Gazette June 22, 2019

Delaware voters deserve representatives who serve their constituents News Journal, April 22, 2021

Delaware needs an inspector general News Journal, March 11, 2021

Delaware Call

Could Rep. Mike Ramone be Prosecuted for Wage Advocacy? Constituent Jack Guerin admits it’s a longshot but has filed an Abuse of Office complaint against Ramone anyway ANDREW GALVIN  · MARCH 15, 2021